New Wedding Packages are Here!

Finally, a wedding package that lets you, the bride and groom, be in charge of what you want! After much discussion with many brides I have finally come to my senses and am letting you create your own package. From selecting the amount of time you need us for your wedding, to deciding if you want an album of finished 4×6 prints and how many, all the way to selecting one of the most sensible and creative lay flat “coffee table” style albums I have come across. We now are offering KISS (no not the group) brand wedding albums in our packages as well and are sure they are going to be a huge hit. Take a look at the packages through the link located on the wedding portfolio page. Don’t see something on there you think should be? Well I am all ears, if I have learned anything it’s that the Bride, Groom and Mom and Dad know what they would like to have. Thanks for stopping! – Allen

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  1. Schawn Williams says:

    Hey Allen,
    I was reading about your new wedding package, through your facebook link. Shannon and I saw that you are now offering “coffee table” syle albums. I know our wedding was a while ago, but is it possible that we could do this? We obviously would pay you for it, if it is possible. Please let us know how much this would cost and if it is even possible
    Thanks Allen
    Schawn and Shannon

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